Friday, October 06, 2006

Long time no see

Anybody home?
Man, this is creepy.

It’s my blog that I’ve left for months. I’m so ashamed. Months before I promoted the concept of "blogging" to my friends. I told them blog is an effective communication tool in the Internet. Blog is a practical storage for keeping ideas. Blog is revolutionary.

But then I stopped using it for ages.

I set up more blogs than I could handle: one at, one at, and another at my very own website ( For the sake of (wanting to be) a distinguished Java programmer, I set up a blog in Now that's 4 blogs.

Am I effectively communicating then? Having practically keep my brilliant ideas? Revolutionize myself, the Internet and the rest of the world? No. Zero. Null. Mickey Mouse is still a mouse.

Effective communication.. to whom am I communicating with?

Keeping brilliant ideas? If they're so brilliant, how come they never went to concrete implementation?

I'm beginning to doubt the power of blog. If it has one. Let me cynically comment on what some people think about blog.

A blog connects you with the people who matter
And a classified doesn't? For peer-to-peer "connection", wouldn't phone call a nicer option?

It’s easy to start and maintain
To who you're talking with? My mom doesn't know how to start blogging, let maintaining alone. Neither folks in my neighborhood.

I'm not starting a war here. Especially not with marketing guys telling blog is good for business (probably it is, for their business).

Could somebody tell me some practical values of blogging?


  1. could you remember about some subject in pelajaran ekonomi back then in high school?
    could you recall the name of adam smith?
    could you remember the law of diminishing return?
    that's what happen to you with have to much blog so that ur satisfation of blogging gradually diminishing untill finally u've got bored.

  2. Yeah, you're probably right bagas. Anyway, despite my skepticism, now I try to blog regularly, following the infamous saying, "a blog a day keeps the doctor away" (well, more or less)—only by doing that I can really observe the benefit of blog.


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