Friday, July 09, 2010

Accident in front of my eyes

I always believe I'm here in this world to serve a greater purpose. I try very hard to absorb knowledge as much as I can, especially in the field of (information) technology and human interest, because I believe I can make a difference to this world with technology. I believe I must be a better man to better help others. But maybe I think too far.

Last weekend I was in Jakarta doing my regular social visit. While crossing a busy street at the heart of the city, I saw—in front of my eyes—an accident happening. A car nudged a motorbike, causing the biker to loose control and fell.

Like a computer, my brain thought fast crunching possibilities. What should I do? Should I help the biker first or stop the car? (In Jakarta, people tend to run away when they cause a traffic accident) How should I help the biker? Is it safe to raise him to the side of the road? With all those thoughts popping up, you expect that I came up with something brilliant right? But in fact, I just stood there staring blank until some guys showed up and started giving hands. I didn't know what to do!

We moved the biker aside, secured his bike, but the car escaped (I told you). Had I acted fast, the car would still be there for us to demand his responsibility. All of a sudden I shivered: What if this thing happened to someone I care so much, and no one else nearby but me, yet I know nothing about first aid!

The guy had a small injury, hopefully no broken bone. But after I left the scene, I felt regretful for not knowing what to do. I have a high IQ and high dreams, but I acted stupid and did nothing. I feel ashamed for that.

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  1. Inget ga dulu lu pernah ngomong lu ga dapet kerjaan manager, lu dianggap terlalu muda tapi lu ngotot bisa ngerjain kerjaannya?

    Kejadian kecelakaan ini contohnya kenapa usia itu penting.
    Gua ga bilang yg muda pasti ga bisa apa2, tapi seiring usia itu pengalaman makin banyak, bukan cuma pengalaman teknis, tapi pengalaman dalam jalanin hidup. Pengalaman ngadepin situasi kecelakaan dan nolong orang itu juga penting.

    Dulu, lu mungkin bisa ngerjain kerjaan itu secara teknis, tapi secara mental lu masih belum matang. Dulu pengalaman lu dalam menghadapi situasi itu masih minimal.

    Dengan lu ngalamin nolong orang kecelakaan ini, lu uda makin dewasa, makin nambah pengalaman, percaya deh suatu hari nanti akan berguna.


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