Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in Review

It's been more than a year since my last post. During the period of time, I have quit my job and launched Homework Hero, an Android app to help students in Indonesia with their homework. I also got married, become a father, went through an accelerator (MaGIC), and learned Python and Machine Learning. Phew!

As a geek, I like to participate in hackathons and do side projects. They allow me to learn new things that I wouldn't get otherwise when employed in a mega-corp. Who knows, one of my pet projects could someday take me to financial independence (whatever that means)!

Time becomes a precious commodity when I started a family and become a father. No more hackathons (also, I'm getting old for that), and the free time I usually spent with code editors should now probably be spent with my family.

I could just stop doing side projects, but I felt a burning passion to start my own business. So, I quit my job, picked one of my pet projects and made it my startup. I have a bit of savings, and MaGIC gave me monthly stipend for four months (way less than my salary before I quit, but something is better than nothing).

So, by quitting my job, suddenly I have 100% for doing startup? Not quite. For the first few months, I was still adjusting. Not to mention MaGIC required us to attend mandatory full-day sessions twice a week.

Fast forward today, Homework Hero has almost twenty thousand users, and the traction is so good, I'm very bullish for 2017. Homework Hero is now my full time job. I haven't started monetizing (attempting to make money from) it though, as the focus now is growth. Let see how far I can go.

I will keep doing side projects, as it allows me to escape from routine. Just few days ago I built, which at least helps me with my own itch.

Happy new year!


  1. Hi wiradikusuma, sampe sekarang masih tinggal di malaysia atau tdk? kalau masih, saya ingin bertanya ttg biaya hidup dan tinggal disna. trm ksh

    1. hi dinda, disini ada beberapa post tentang biaya hidup di KL. kalau belum jelas, bisa japri via email ke (nama blogku), nanti aku coba bantu.


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