Saturday, May 26, 2007

JaMU 07.05 Summary

Hi guys!

JaMU 07.05 was okay, but could be better. The presentations were terrific (disclaimer: I was one of the speakers), but the room was not crowded as usual and we missed J.Co :-( Can't blame Sun though, they are kind enough to give us space to meet. I didn't do "saweran" because of the disappointment.

Frans Thamura talked a lot about his three-day attendance in JavaOne. Mainly he talked about JENI (Java for Education Networks in Indonesia), Java smart cards (chips?) with embedded servlet, Java and BlueRay (interactive menu and multiplayer-trivia-games while the movie is playing), and Java in embedded systems and microcontrollers.

Frans also showed us pictures he took. There were James Gosling, Bruno, Rod Johnson and some other Java "celebrities". He also took random snapshots, which was cool, showing us the "atmosphere" in JavaOne.

Thomas Wiradikusuma gave presentation about the new features in Spring 2.0 plus some others in the upcoming 2.1 release, notably configuration-related. He showed us how Spring is popular and how it has been adopted by many big companies around the world.

The remaining of his presentation was spent for a demonstration of how easy it is to configure Spring-enabled applications using the new Annotation-based approach. He took the “makeover” (before-after) approach. He also noted that there are at least two open source projects aiming to simplify (or take different approach to) configuration issues.

That's all for the round up. Presentation materials (and accompanying source code) can be downloaded from bakuljamu.

I would like to thank Sun Microsystems Indonesia, especially Aan for being our contact, and those who took time to attend this month's JaMU. See you in JaMU 07.06!

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