Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Multiply's "blog import" feature multiplied my blog entries

Recently I "reactivated" my long dormant Multiply account. Multiply has a neat feature allowing you to "import" blog entries from Blogger (blog system I currently use). This is good since I don't have to maintain two separate blogs.

I was aware that importing means copying. What I didn't notice was Multiply doesn't differentiate imported entries and new entries (entries recently added to Blogger but haven't been imported to Multiply).

When I chose "import", it displayed all entries (regardless the fact some had been imported). Thinking that selecting only the newest posts would make me loose all imported entries, I decided to re-import everything (I thought they would override already imported ones). And what do you know, there were duplicate entries!

I spent almost an hour to delete those duplicates. And the worst is, I loose comments people wrote in some entries (that I deleted). I'm sorry if your comment is one of them.

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