Wednesday, June 20, 2007

7 reasons NOT to have hot girlfriend

A friend of mine asked me whether he should look for hotter chicks. I said that there are some caveats when he decides to have one. Here’s a list I gave him, in no particular order:

  1. High maintenance cost
  2. The hotter the chick, the higher cost to maintain her "hotness". Just like expensive cars, hotter chicks tend to spend more on maintenance and accessories.

  3. The bigger her boobs (or the more beautiful she is), the smaller her brain
  4. Hot chicks are not conditioned for rough environment. They usually get "special treatment" so they’re not challenged to sharpen their skill/intelligence. There are always dickheads who'll be more than happy to help them.

  5. High ego
  6. Since they know their "competitive advantage"-ness, they can be emotionally irritating. They ask too much but they do less. They are picky, stubborn and selfish. Unfortunately you can’t do a thing. It’s a take it or leave her.

  7. High level of jealously
  8. Not her being jealous, but you. Dickheads are everywhere like hungry wolves. Off a bit and you have your girl being teased by somebody.

  9. Low level of loyalty
  10. Since hot chicks have better options when it comes to choosing partner, they tend to take commitment too lightly. You’ll be reluctant to hard on her because she might leave you in an instant.

  11. Can’t live life the hard way
  12. There are ups and downs happening throughout life. Sometimes we’re under, financially speaking. Hot chicks are not comfortable hanging out with poor guy (even though they are not rich himself!) and will find greener hill.

  13. Higher tendency to have sex
  14. This is you. The hotter chick you have, the more likely you want to have sex with her. It’s OK if she enjoys it, but she’ll leave you ASAP if she doesn’t because she will think you’re a maniac (you ARE, she IS hot).

My friend decided to stick with his current girlfriend and have occasional no-commitment-relationship with hotter chicks. Wise choice.


  1. Wakakaka betul tom, cei tu kalo makin cantik makin greget.

    Gemes banget, mau ngapa2in takut disangka maniak, tapi kalo diem aja ga tahan. Ga ada penyaluran wekekeke.

  2. tidak semua yg seperti yang di atas...wakakakaka

  3. I totally agree with you tom... wekekeke... That's why I always kick their ass when they come to me (menghibur diri Y_Y)

  4. that, my friend.. is a problem you'll be having if you're not in the same level of "sexiness/hotness" as your partner.

    Thom, i found it interesting that if you groom yourself enough, those hot chicks will come to you -instead of us having to chase for them..

    mereka itu, wanita biasa saja koq, hot-chik hot-chik yang sering kau lihat itu..

    besides, those kind of petty insecurities are the treatment you'll be getting from anyone who's cocky and IS above you in any state (in this case, hotness).

    go do a test run (*on grooming & nggantegin diri) for a week or two and get yourself socialized.. see the effects.

  5. nice argument adityo, i completely agree with you :-)

  6. just go with the uglies. you'll be fine. idiot.

  7. aku cakep ngak jual mahal lagi...mau..085842532940

  8. ahh cuma teori mau praktek nya hub.aku aja no sms..085842532940

  9. I think it is easier to have a "hot" girl friend if they have some sort of a very strong value system. You find that alot in women who are religious or who over came a great obstical in their life...

  10. Number 5 is the big one. A hot ass bitch will leave in an instant.

  11. 1. Not all hot chicks are high maintenance. Besides, I look girlie-girls who come with accessories.

    2. Most hot chicks I know are very smart indeed. Many are actually nerds.

    3. Yeah, but egocentrism is a trait found among many people, both male and female.

    4. You have to learn to control your own emotions to an extent. Just refuse to allow yourself be jealous.

    5. Applies to vast numbers of people of both genders, hot and otherwise.

    6. Only if the chicks you're choosing are gold-diggers, which many hot chicks are not.

    7. Sex is fun but overrated and always carries some risk of pregnancy, no matter what protections are used. It's not as important to a (non-long-term casual) relationship as a lot of people seem to make out. Not in my opinion anyway.


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