Tuesday, June 17, 2008


If you've been following my posts, you know that I recently joined a gym near my office. It's been two weeks since my enrollment, and I'm happy to say I've seen some improvements in my biceps :-)

To boost my progress, yesterday I bought a huge pack of L-Men Gain Mass. Not that I'm too skinny, but another 5-10kg won't hurt, will it? I need bigger muscle to build.

Anybody willing to share their experience with L-Men? I will update my blog bi-weekly regarding my progress, don't worry ;-)


  1. Gw jarang denger sih pengalaman orang yg minum L Men, Tapi berdasarkan pengalaman gw di RS, biasanya dokter gizi nganjurin minum ENSURE (jenisnya susu jg) buat orang2 yg butuh banyak asupan karbohidrat, Yang pasti efeknya berat badan pasti nambah...

    Selamat menjalani program Nge 'gede' in badan ya... ;-)

  2. fransiscus dennyAugust 07, 2009 2:20 PM

    hi! I read your email and I find it really interesting, coz some of my friends use that product too... And it really works to gain some muscle... of course with work out like yours, go to the gym...

    the thing that I want you to know is, if you want to gain some mass and build more effectively you can combine the gain mass u r using and L-men advance formula.. so drink two glasses of gain mass and 1 glass of L-men advance after the gym...

    looking forward to hearing from your result! :)

  3. i'v been using L-men for almost 6 months now pre workout and post workout.. i still haven't gained any weight until just recently, i add on creatine capsules in just 5 days i've gained 2 kilos.. or maybe it's just me having difficulty gainig mass..

  4. hi all, just want to tell you that in general you can't depend on L-Men to gain weight.

    what I do is eat A LOT and do it FREQUENTLY, and do workout (not regularly, but at least twice a month). the result? gained 3 kg :)


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